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Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s film, Gabbeh, 1996.
In the opening scene of the Iranian film, Gabbeh, viewers are confronted with a riot of colour‑colourful costumes, bright scenery and a dazzling gabbeh (hand made rug), woven by Iranian nomads. Some viewers have wondered whether this is a colour overkill but there is an interesting story behind this. The film maker turns up the colour not for aesthetic reasons but to make a prophetic statement. The Iranian government had become prescriptive about the clothes Iranian women were to may read the complete review here
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i saw this movie when i was in college and remember having fallen in love with it. it was mystical and beautiful..full of colour! i must get a copy and watch it again!

Gabbeh or Gabbe is a traditional variety of Persian carpet.
A gabbe is a triple hand-knotted
carpet/floor mat, crafted almost exclusively by women from Qashqai and some other tribes in southwestern Iran. This kind of carpet is much thicker and coarser than other Persian carpets; sometimes it is as much as one inch in depth. In fact, it is more of a variety of kilim than carpet.

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Gabbeh Rugs are climbing in popularity once again. Thanks for the great post

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It's wonderful to see movies and music and i guess books would be following soon! Apart for all the eclectic and wonderful and a treat to ones eyes info/links/work (your own and others) you gather here and share with us, your personal touch makes all the difference.

I seriously look forward to a new post on a daily basis! Don't get bogged down..take your time. But do keep surprising us.

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i've always loved gabbeh - the designs are simpler.