Thursday, January 29, 2009

bottles galore

pictures above by Anna Kern found via Decor8
so i have a colleague who collects bottles. whenever we travel to germany he picks up used glass water bottles from restaurants. the bottles there are amazing and drinking packaged water out of glass bottles is really a luxury for me...i do not know about you. the bottles come in such pretty blues greens and browns that i am soo tempted to pick them up myself sometimes but i don't because a.) i am scared they'll make me open my bags at the airport; and b.) my colleague came up with the idea and not'll make me look like a child from the 'me too' generation :)

i am in awe of this colleague of mine, for his fearless attitute. his passion for everything new in general and his child like enthusiasm for things/people/places that catch his fancy. sometimes i think in trying to be/look more sophisticated, been there done that, i know the ways of the world sort of a person, i forget to express my original self.
hmm...didn't think glass bottles would trigger such thoughts in me..but seriously does this happen to you too?

i am writing this post as a dedication to my colleague's unhidden and passionate expressions/reactions (is there such a thing?) and his child like curiosity for the wonders of life!!
some pictures of bottles in ceramic and glass that i collected online. all credits to people who made them or found them and then posted them online (as is don't know where these pics come from...i have very few names saved)
i love this Delft Blue bottle above. even jaipur blue pottery has this colour doesn't it? i wonder where the similarity starts (or ends).

one can easily reuse glass bottles as flower vases or simply for decoration around the house.

i think they look just wonderful....and it is time i have some of my own! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

dream home decor wishlist

the picture above from Velachery Balu's foto stream on Flickr

i wish to have Athangudi Tiles in my dream home...maybe the balconies...and the kitchen..hmm i wish i have my balcony and kitchen next to each other. watch this brilliant video on the tile making process and you'll fall in love with them too!! i'd love to get contact info of units that manufacture them in Tamil Nadu...does anyone know?

via Rang Decor

Friday, January 23, 2009

german winter!

thought i should share with you some quick photos from my trip to frankfurt. it was really cold when i got there..-16 degree C. took a long walk along the frozen river and it was beautiful!! see above pics from the walk :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

dream house no.2

umm i have posted about a my dream house is another one..very different but yet i find there is a certain similarity.

i love eliza jane's Buenos Aires house. its wild, colourful and rustic. what i particularly love are the white walls with bold use of colour accents either in the doors or textiles...awesome!

a terrace with a hammock!! it'll be awesome in Delhi's winters to lie in the hammock outside when the sun is out! and look at those gorgeous colours above...i must must buy mittens before i leave for Germany on the 10th. Heimtex Fair in Frankfurt beckons!

via: designsponge

A Very Happy New Year!

my first post in 2009 yippeee!
so lets begin with thinking about the year gone by, things done right and things done wrong. things that changed and those that didn't.

what did i do? i moved from gurgaon to was a big change for me since i had gotten used to living alone in gurgaon and going back to delhi meant going back to living with family.. i redid my old small bedroom in the house where i live with my mom, grandmom, uncle and his daughter. my dad got posted to ahmedabad and that was the entire reason for this change.
its been 2 yrs in my present job...and its a big thing for me not being too bored here, even though the money isn't that great.
i learnt to stay committed to my boyfriend who left mid year for Singapore to further his education. three of my cousins got married and i had lots of fun prepapring and then attending the weddings..and well i started blogging in 2008 :)

all that i could have done but didn't in this year gone by is a lot and i must mention it here before its too late into 2009.
i could have started on my own and become an Independent Designer..but i didn't have the guts
i could have finished watching all the great movies my boyfriend left behind for me to watch
i could have read a lot many more books
i could have become more sensible with money
i could have learnt to control my tongue and temper and to think before i speak
i could have lost some more weight :)
i could have travelled...its a shame that i didn't travel at all last year.
i could have blogged some more...i could have added a co blogger..
i think i should stop here as the list has become too long..and i'll pat my back if at the end of 2009 i convert some of these "could haves" into "have done"..

a very happy new year!