Thursday, May 31, 2012

copyright shopyright watermark shotermark hai rabba

this is going to be verrry me. just for on the link below
now scroll till the bottom of the page.....and what do you see?? "Anek Design Cushion Images" yes that is right. so this manufacturer by the name of JK Handicrafts is inviting orders and queries by using our product images.

to make it easier for you, here are the cushion images, shot by me, of my products, made in pune, in 100% silk.
if you have been a part of our "Anek Designs" journey then you will surely remember these images!!

Beautifull  Quilt Pillow / Cushions Covers

Home decor kantha quilt cushion covers

Kantha Quilted Pillow Covers

Quilted Pillow And Cushion Cover

Kantha Pillow Cover

this guy who is obviously a big manufacturer has blindly stolen my images and in the process my products!
i find this tragically funny!

to top it...these products are displayed not only on his website but also websites like alibaba, hellotrade etc.

it doesn't stop gets better. there are more manufacturers who are blindly using our product images on their websites like Balaji Textiles to name a few.
(this particular cushion is being sold by two different people on the same website!!!)

looking at their websites...i know that they are also openly stealing images from online shops like and

yes i know i do not own kantha, and that the world is using it.....but you know each kantha cushion is unique right? these particular cushions were put together by me,i own these images and worked really hard to shoot them, edit them and then upload them to sell online. it just isn't fair!

through this post i wish to reach out to anyone who believes in me to support me and guide me in taking some action against this online theft.

it pains and saddens me