Tuesday, June 23, 2009

happy birthday+ 100 posts!

i am 26 today and looking forward to being 27 hurray :)
i don't like the number 26....largely i find that i like odd numbers better...they somehow seem more exciting..like 27 as compared to 26..hmm??
so here is wishing myself a wonderful and prosperous year!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

orange spiral staircase!

remember i had told you about the nid's bright orange spiral staircase? i found a picture on a fellow nidian's flicr stream! yayayyaya!!!
and i am soo glad i found it...this revives such great memories!
also when i checked out photostream i was awestruck by the quality of pictures...gaurang prajapati's are simply fantastic..check em out for sure! gaurang is a user experience designer from NID, Ahmedabad.
:) find my earlier post on spiral staircases right here!
this makes me soo happy!

in love with: retro fans

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware

image via Sydney Morning Herald

image via countryliving
i have been in love with retro desk and floor fans since a long time now. i remember having a conversation with my boyfriend about it some years back..and as chance would have it a few days after the conversation he even met a fan maker somewhere in tokyo. i remember my boyfriend even emailed me the website link of the fan maker but i can't seem to locate it now. i'll ask vivek to find it and will share it with you soon!
so coming back...how i got reminded of the fans and thus this post was through Aditi's wonderful blog called once upon a teatime where she has a picture melange trunks from anthropologie's new furniture catalogue (above) and where the floor fan is used as a prop.
i'd love to have 2-3 of these in various shapes and sizes around my house...it'll be wonderful!
what do u think of these fans hmm??

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

girl's guide to the world

look what i found!
a world guide by girls for girls! its just what i needed...the woman behind this fantastic website Carey Schuster is an interior designer by trade with design, travelling and writing as her three passions...that just makes it all the better. check it out now!