Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Baro India: A home store like none other!

launched on the 12th and 13th November 2016 in Mumbai and if you weren't there, you missed on all the champagne!

 Well worry not, the store is open for business now and they have a fantastic presence online as well!

Interestingly you can join team Baro to demystify design and make it your own, with help from BARO's very own Srila Chatterjee,Siddharth Sirohi and Krsnaa Mehta the man whose unique design style speaks for itself. 
What: How to find your own Design Style
When: 19th November, 11:00 AM
To register email at info@baro-india.com 
Check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/baroindia/

 At Baro, you will not only find superb reclaimed mid century modern pieces of furniture but also, lighting solutions, original folk art and textiles to dress up your home.
Very proud to have Anek Designs also showcased at Baro!

 If your style is eclectic then this is the store for you!

The best part about Baro however for me remains the force behind the store Srila Chatterjee and her fantastic team. I met Srila at my first ever show with Black Taxi in Mumbai. I had just started out and was also making kantha jackets at the time amongst other things. She came to my stall, told me she liked the jacket but wanted it customised for her, gave me the size, money and her address and left. I had no idea who she was and if she would even remember me when the package reached her as the transaction was so quick.

I promply checked if there was anything about her online, since she had such a star presence about her. I found lots of articles and some very inspiring interviews online, but what struck me was her individual style and her love for jewellery.
I included one of my first little necklaces, along with the jacket and then forgot all about it.

Many many months later Srila called me to say she had a little project for me, luckily I had moved to Mumbai by then (from Pune). I had no idea that she had remembered Anek Designs all this while. Ever since then, she has found little projects for me to do and I am so grateful for them! I know that the projects that she includes me in, are all that she can do herself, but it is this quality to include and grow together that is so attractive about her.

There is a warmth that she exudes, it is so generous that it is reflected by others around her including her team. It is the same warmth that will greet you at Baro, I promise, and if you are lucky you will take some of this sunshine home with you!

You can reach the store here:

Phone: 022-40344888
Email: info@baro-india.com
Opening Time: 10:30 - 19:00 hrs

12 Sun Mills Compound, Lower Parel
Mumbai, India

Friday, November 11, 2016

Anek Designs Collaborates with IMBYOU!

Delighted to announce our new collaboration with Imbyou UK!
Anek Designs is proud to be new designer on board their lovely platform. You can buy our special Felt collection on their website www.imbyou.co.uk along with more beautiful products for you and your home!

Some of these cushions and other fab products from IMBYOU will be showcased at West Elm from 25th -27th of November.
Check out more details of the show here:

Follow IMBYOU's Facebook Page for up coming events and news.

All images by : Vallari Harshwal 

Images below are from an impromptu casual shoot at founder Vallari's home which was followed by a yummy home made meal.
Vallari Harshwal: Founder IMBYOU

More about Imbyou in Vallari's own words:

"Imbyou is a curated online design gallery showcasing objects for home and interiors by some of the best contemporary designers & makers in the industry from UK and India.

Founded by homeware designer/maker Vallari Harshwal based in England, Imbyou focuses on relevance of designed object’s longevity in todays hectic living. UK has created some of the most iconic designers of modern times and has left design legacy unchallenged so far, while India is emerging as the new design hub with a fresh take on design, generating a new breed of designers who have a distinct language steeped in culture laced with unique aesthetics as an understanding of their culture.Our collections focus on simplicity, craftsmanship, integrity & timeless design.

Imbyou has a vision to change the way we respond to home and interior related products in today’s fast paced life. We live in a  rampant use and throw culture, and along the way we are accumulating material and visual clutter in our lives.

Imbyou is on a journey of bringing meaningful, timeless designs with soul."

If you are in London then don't miss the show at West Elm!