Friday, April 29, 2011

anek designs on facebook

so the blog has been on facebook for a long time now..and i have come to know so many of the wonderful you is now time to give anek designs, the brand its due and a brand new page of its own...join me there for updates on new collections and like and spread the love...i want to know you more!!
click here to go to our facebook page!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

so at the exhibit

i met the lovely vineeta (of the awe inspiring blog artnlight) with her infectious was long due and i was dyeing to meet her!

i had all plans to share the stall space with didn't work out (long story)...but i was super glad that she did decide on participating in the exhibit anyway!! i love love her work....
so at the end of the two days, vineeta called me to her booth and  let me have a pick of the cool new alphabets that she is doing!!!

i had been eying these alphabets for a long time and have wanted husband and my initials ever since the i chose a V as her gift to me and ordered a K to go with the V :)
the V is absolutely gorgeous..a lovely creme colour with a poem by vikram seth on it eeeee:)
so now i am going to wait for the K to arrive...and i suggest you do that too...since i will upload the pics once the couple is complete! hmmmm so where should i place them, living room or work station?? any suggestions? oh i guess you will tell me only after the pictures won't you?

many thanks vineeta for the wonderful gift and i can't wait!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

black taxi design exhibit@bandra, mumbai

 much too lazy and tired to write....the pics will have to do for now!

poonam didi and pankaj jija ji, our lovely hosts in bombay with vivek and i :)

sonia of the lively-wood, best stall mate ever!! all the wooden mirrors and  small furniture items that you see are made by her, hand painted and she even takes custom orders for interior spaces!!! check out her website and blog for more..
my fav picture ever...these two girls spent so much time trying out all the necklaces!!
new cushions from our eco friendly range called edhaa..the collection includes, ahimsa silks, muga-the wild silk of assam and naturally dyed fabrics.
the lovely ms priya dutt at our stall...we presented her with a short kantha stole!

pics by vivek where he captured her back in all the pictures...:D

so what do you think of our colourful booth?? we were voted as the most creative stall display just so you know...i'm not bragging...just stating facts ...;)

i wish to thank all of you who came and supported anek meant a lot! thank you!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

bags and more...

@ the black taxi design exhibit....see you there!
block print on jute using natural vegetable dyes, contrast zip and fabric corsage detail

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

suno suno...

bliss is having their flea market on the 23rd n 24th of April, 2011 in the bliss courtyard. they've got a fantastic line-up of participants...n everything is Rs.1000/- or less!!!

the participants are:
1. The Big Bag Theory - fun quirky products n accessories - totes, coasters, magnets n lots more
2. Fusion Roots - a collection of Indian art n craft handpicked from all over India
3. Hand crafted jewelry by Panjorini
4. Quirky fun hand - painted bags n cushions covers by Mishmash designs
5. A collection of cushions, bedcovers, candles n chocolates by Inspirasia
6. Mumbai Kitsch at its best by Diana Linda - apparel, accessories n jewelry
7. Get a piece of hippy goa - apparel, jewelry n aroma oils by Maya
8. Tarot card reading by Shruti Chopra

there's also going to be a lucky draw for all shoppers shopping in the store the flea don't forget to visit....
LocationBliss, Versova
Date: 23rd and 24th April, 11Am - 8Pm

visit the wonderful blog for more info and updates by clicking here

oh its going to be a good long shopping filled weekend in mumbai isn't it!!!!

hippie by heart thinks fashion is art

i am sure you know the simple sally and hippie holly duo behind this wonderful fashion blog already...but what you don't know was that simple sally decided to wear the potli bead necklace from anek designs and has posted the pics on her blog...yayyaya...made my day..:) it is good to wake up to such love don't you think?

click here for more pictures on the wonderful blog!!

thanks gals!

Monday, April 11, 2011

today i am taking you...

inside the home of a wonderful jewellry designer and colleage from NID, dipika vijay's beautiful home in mumbai...(well this is her old abode  and she has promised to share the images of her new home with me soon)
 i love the wall art and how it carries the accent wall colour into the rest of the room!
 a mirror table....makes it bigger and brighter
 steal this idea to make it interesting everywhere...even the loo!!
love love the colours in this pic!!
all images courtesy dipika :) thanks!!
dipika is a very talented jewellery and accessory designer and has her own brand called coyote...

check out her work now..and you know you will fall in love, she blogs about her work and up coming exhibition on her wonderful blog 

will be back with more pics of her new home ....stay tuned

Friday, April 8, 2011

dedicated to all the tea lovers..

while we were in kaziranga, we (husband and i) got a wonderful chance to visit a tea estate and a tea processing was big and the smell of roasting tea leaves was intoxicating!
unfortunately we weren't allowed to click too many pictures...especially of the machinery and the CTC processes.....but i did et permission to click some pictures of the manual tea sorting and we managed to taste tea in the tea tasting room!!! yayaya!!! what an experience it was.....

 manual sorting of tea

 equipment for proper tea tasting = baba adam ke zamane ke cup, containers, timer, kettle
 baba adam ka zamana...i love that sentence...very commonly spoken in my house...very punjabi north indian
 the really old got stuck and was then shaken to get back on track...hahhaha was used to measure 10 minutes...or was it 5..i forget!
 kettle for boiling water

so the idea is for the tea to well boil water separately....pour into a container, put 10 gms of tea in that container and let it sit for 5/10 minutes (i think 5...ten is too long...dunno pls check at your end) and voila you have the perfect cuppa sugar no milk.....repeat the taste test by adding a little bit of is also used to test the colour of tea...
ps: if i ever worked in a tea processing plant....i wouln't drink tea again!!! the super strong tea smell made my head spin!!:D