Thursday, March 25, 2010

a house for two

today i am sharing with you images of my house in Pune..its a large 2 BHK with 2 balconies and a dry balcony.
we, my husband and i live on the outskirts of Pune..close to the Bombay Pune Highway since it is closer to my husband's workplace.
the whole housing complex is beautiful complete with a fully functional sports club (swimming pool, tennis, squash and basketball courts, Table tennis, carom and yoga room, a fully equipped gym and greenery :).
two days after moving to Pune we got a call from our landlady asking us to vacate the flat since she was going to shift back into her house...we were extremely disappointed with our luck....but then we found a house in the same complex that we love so much and it was all for the better...the house is pretty much the same in layout except that we now have two balconies instead of one in our previous house and the rooms are much larger...the only thing i miss is the niche in the kitchen wall...which you will see in come of the pics here..

the house is fairly minimal and largely functional and we'd like to keep it that way for a while...i like it...let me know if you do too!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

magic modge podge!!

so taking clue from Sharon of The Key Bunch
i went to Staples in Baner a few days back and picked up some particle board raw coasters and a bottle of Modge Podge and attempted my ver first decoupage...i mean i didn't really make a collage so is it still decoupage??
i used this awesome japanese origami paper that my then boyfriends and now husband got for me from Japan...lemme know what you think :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

bhutan architecture life and people

since i didn't conclude my posts on Bhutan...i thought i might do so today and then later in the day share with you what i have been up to recently :)
these are images depicting the life in Bhutan...its people and architecture.
"Paan"(beetle nut, chuna/lime wrapped in a beetle nut leaf) forms an integral part of the life system in Bhutan. almost everyone from children to adults are seen chewing it all through the day. most end up with red mouths!
the older women in Bhutan all have short hair...and it is the longer haired younger women that are considered more fashionable..a result of the bollywood influence!
an average Bhutanese meal consists of green chillies, cheese, potatoes and meat.
Most goods found in Bhutan are imported from India and now Bangkok.
Mask making is still a living craft and Monks wear them during the performances during the spring festivals.
most of the Bhutan is rural but is really clean and pure. you need to pre inform restaurants in most parts if you want a good satisfying meal especially if you are travelling off season like we did!

all the construction in Bhutan is regulated by the government and hence the houses and the monasteries across Bhutan look similar. the use of rich reds, indigo, yellow and gold offset by the white of the walls gives the architecture a stunning appeal.
walls are painted inside and outside with drawings of lions, tigers, dear, goats and penises...yes thats find symbolic and literal representation of the penis on every corner. it is supposed to protect the house and its occupants from evil. we were even blessed by a wooden penis in a monastery famous for it miraculous fertility powers :)

I'll be happy to share the itinerary incase you are interested...all you need to do is ask :)