Friday, June 24, 2016

Anek Designs is 6!

Yes you heard it right, I started this brand 6 years ago and it has traveled with me to 4 different cities. Time flies and it always seems amazing on looking back. I have met many wonderful people in these years and I am thankful for having them in my life!

My fellow creatives who I met through my online shops or my blog have made me feel so welcome in these cities and on this journey, without them I would have been lost. All this love that has been showered on me through Anek Designs is the single most powerful factor that has prevented me from shutting shop every time I had my downs. I know so many of you through my blog, even though I have been irregular in reaching out and posting! I am so thankful that you come back to read what I have to say and forgive me when I am absent.

As a small Thank You I would like to extend a 33% Discount to you, your family and your friends.

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Thank You!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Currently Loving : Stitch By Stitch

Sitges + Madrid, Spain 2016.

Sitges, beautiful little beach town close to Barcelona, perfect for a lazy day on the beach! We took a short train ride to get there, spent the day on the beach, soaking in the sun!

Madrid for Flamenco , Food and Museums.

This is where we went to watch the Flamenco and I highly recommend it! The music and singing is so powerful with Moorish Arabic influence clear even to an amateur like me!

living and rusting and living!

A must go place for all the foodies out there!

That is all from Spain, still have to post more from my trip to Morocco and Berlin next on the blog! 


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Homage to Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona

Sagrada Familia: 1866 - 1882 -2026

Sagrada Familia, the never finishing and most famous symbol of Catalan Culture at first shocked me. I thought it was so bad, that it was good. We were lucky to be staying within walking distance of Sagrada Famila and I watched it being constructed, reinterpreted, for 4 days and nights of my trip to Barcelona. As I learned more about Gaudi's work and person, I grew to appreciate his vision. I had never seen anything like his work before, nothing! It gave me a whole new perspective, and shattered my ideas about what architecture should be like. 

It opened my mind.

 I absolutely loved the stained glass windows inside the Sagrada Familia. The colour flowed from yellows to reds and from greens to blues. It was magical and the picture don't do any justice to them.

Life around Sagrada Familia was busy with the metro station right next to it. You can clearly see the old and the new in this structure, and I have to say that I prefer the old.

Read more about Sagrada Familia and Gaudi here:

La Pedrera: The Stone Quarry : 1906 to 1912 

Sea Weed Iron Railings

 Bringing the outside in! The inside courtyard.
 One of the entrances.
 Views from top.
 Armour wearing chimneys!

 Views from the terrace with Sagrada Familia in the background.
Below the terrace is the reptilian space to provide insulation to the structure and now houses the museum!
Home tour within La Pedrera!

 I would love one of these, thank you!
 Haberdashery, Sewing and Laundry Room

 Delicate Curtain Detail
 Second Bedroom


Dining Room

 Master Bedroom

 Family Bathroom

Ceiling Detail

More about La Pedrera here:

Park Guell : 1900

When I saw these houses with their ceramic mosaic roofs, it reminded me of gingerbread houses, Christmas , Russian architecture, Rock Garden in Chandigarh and NID Terrace.

I was so tired and this park was perfect for respite along with spectacular views of the city. I enjoyed the park more and clicked less. Bought different kinds of olives and apricots and peaches on the way to the park from a non english speaking shopkeeper who was patient and full of smiles for us!

Find out more about the park here: