Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jigisha Patel

so i have ad these pictures with me since along time now. these are felt rugs developed by Jigisha Patel, a fellow textile designer from my college.
i love these rugs and the natural wool colour. simply super! i was still in college when jigisha had just started working on this project and i think we went together to a wool felt factory for the preliminary visit along with a few other friends.
the making of these rugs includes both hand and industrial processes and that is what makes them truely unique. you can find out more on jigisha's blog right here. enjoy:)

didn't you just fall in love with them?

Monday, May 18, 2009

cuban tiles

image from wee gallery: the inspiration behind this post:)
so i was going through wee gallery's latest post and found that her daughter was sitting atop these beautiful cement tiles and couldn't resist but ask Surya about them. she told me that these were cuban tiles that are typically found in old homes in south florida.
she was also very kind in sharing a link that talks about history of cuban tiles with me. thank you surya (what a beautiful name btw).

and so i dug a little deep as by now i was curious and found a few links and images for you :)
the three images above are from, which i found is a very informative blog.
some more images for you to feast your eyes on...via

i have talked about the athangudi tiles from tamil nadu on my blog before and showed you a brilliant little video describing the tile making process. you can revisit the post here.
i even like the idea of plain cement tiles...i think they make an awesome floor and will give me an opportunity to work on top of them to make them special..:)
a little about wee gallery:
its a shop a blog and a by the wife and husban duo of surya and dave along with their two children who do creative products for children. i love the story of how the idea came into being. there are art cards, wall decals, art greetings, flash cards..go check it out now!

indian kitch

check out these indian matchbox/ atta bori/food packaging inspired pillows over at koko company. love.

cotton durries!

my post today is all about cotton durries and my love for them. i want lots and lots of them on my floors, my antique chests (yes i want those too), lining my cupboards...everywhere!!

printed durries above from john robshaw

for me cotton durries are a must have for any house. they are so handy and having a lot of them around the house means that one can easily walk barefoot indoors. of course these are very handy outdoors in a garden setting and are wonderful for beaches and picnics:)


flat weaves from wisteria

best place to buy durries in delhi are the state emporiums that line baba kharak singh marg in connaught place and dilli haat!

(ps: traditionally girls in india carry bedding and decorative textiles in their bridal trousseau and hand woven durries formed an integral part.. they could be used for bedding, as cattle coverlets, in the living rooms as diwan covers etc. when i get married..i wish to take some with me and carry on the tradition;)

do you like durries?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

colour blast continues

today i have decided to bombard this page with colour :) its been a good day so far...i have landed on some fantastic blogs and great links so i though i should share some with you. 
this work here is by a young british designer called 'zoe murphy'.
most of zoe's work is about reclaiming and recycling by adding that extra zing to make the furniture and textiles extra special. i like. i also dig her motto 'love what belongs to you'.

she has a wonderful blog where she talks about her work and inspiration..check it out here.

another link that i wish to share with you is the site where i found out about zoe murphy's work and its called 

paige russel is a product designer from canada and got her BFA from parsons school of design new york. she also sells her products and jewellery on her etsy store.
enjoy :)


colour blast!

can you guess what these images below are?? this is netherlands in the middle of the tulip season (may). wow!

More than three billion tulips are grown each year and two-thirds of the vibrant blooms are exported, mostly to the U.S. and Germany.

even though its a short lived phenomenon...i'd say its nature's carpet..aren't these images so wonderful!!!??!!

its a pity we don't get tulips readily here in Delhi..:(..i remember in college a friend of mine made a red patent tulip hat for which i was a not because i had the perfect features..but i had the right amount of curls in my hair...:) ...and now that friend is in netherlands (DELFT) doing her i confirm to myself that everything that happens around me is linked and that there is no such thing as a coincidence its all pre planned...(another post on that soon)

all pictures via

Monday, May 11, 2009

done dana done

so i have already told you about this friend of mine in one of my earlier its time to talk about what he does..:)
so Neil is part of this group of people who call themselves 'the doers'.
they design T shirts, smart products and concepts.
so a few days back i had seen this concept Tshirt at their site and loved it. so i ordered a twin pack, one for my boyfriend and one for me..:) and my T shirts arrived today yayayayayay!!!!
so below is me trying it on....the material and finish of the Tee is really good and you must check out more stuff on their can order by writing to them...esp. if u are a mumbaiya...there is lots of bombay grafix for you!

there is something about the equal sign (=) that i have always is graphic balanced and simple...super form don't you think?? (i must really stop saying super shouldn't i:)??

in the front is = and the back reads we are all =qual....i think this is a super concept! thanks neil!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

indo feather rug + more lines

since i am still digging lines in black and white (from my last post) i thought i'll share this beautiful cotton durrie from urban outfitters.
found it via ohjoy
i visit this blog for inspiration everyday!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

areahome: textiles and bedding

and i am drooling...

these super gorgeous textiles (yes i like saying super) are by areahome.
now this a new york based company that makes really nice bedding and textile accessories. the designes to me looked very scandinavian and on further inspection i found out that it was started by anki spets, a swede, in 1990!!! what is it about scandinavian design that appeals so much to me?? i must must find out about not so modern, traditional scandinavian design from the olden days. what was it like? was it always so full of texture, natural colours and simple yet earthy?

do you know more about scandinavian design? i'd love for you to share it here with me!

ps: guess what?? anki shares scandinavian design links on her all i need is a scandinavian job!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

super stationary

found this link through a friend's blog (the friend used to work there as a product designer). so this company is called rubberband and it makes stationary products. it makes clean simple goodlooking and practical stationary products. and they have stores all across india. i'm going to get some for me soon (yes they have a few store in stores in delhi). you like them too don't you?? 

Friday, May 1, 2009

a no post+links

hi, i know i have been ignoring this space that i love so much and i am really sorry.
i have been really busy these last few weeks and promise to be more regular in the coming days.

thought i'd share a few links that i have come across in these last few days and thought were inspiring! so the prints above (and the two below) can be found at su turno.
i loved all  the prints on this website which is a creative studio based out of madrid!

the second link i'm going to share here is a blog called aprintaday. and i can't get myself to say very much about the blog and the prints but WOW!! yasmine, the woman behind this wonderful blog also writes an online magazine called parasol, where she highlights the works of upcoming artists and designers....simply super i say!