Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christopher David Ryan

I love these prints by Christopher David Ryan. These have been taken from his daily postings that you may get to by clicking on the link above. i love all the posts especially finger people!~

I think these would make lovely stick ons as well!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Wedding Season

Hi there!
i haven't posted in over a month now...its shameful i know but i have been really busy with three of my cousins deciding to get married within days of each other! so now i am back to routine and will hopefully be posting more regularly. all three weddings were a lot of fun and i finally got to wear the saree i had designed...yay!!!
heres a picture to show you how i looked in it and the link to the saree i had visualised on my computer..this post takes you to the raw material for my saree :)
The saree complete with a blouse costed me rs 7500 which is not so cheap but i think is worth it.
all the wedding shopping and endless trips to the boutiques for fittings etc was very exciting and i will be doing a post on that soon.
see ya!