Wednesday, August 24, 2011

temples of bayon

close to angkor wat lies this 12th century khemr mahayana buddhist temple...every niche, every door way, every window opens to a giant serene and smiling buddha face ...some say it is the face of jayavarman vii himself!

we met rain a couple of times during our visits to these definitely made the whole experience more scenic and romantic!

i'll take you around angkor thom in my next post!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

angkor wat: siam reap

so i was on a holiday...a very long holiday these last couple of months...after a successful but rather short exhibition at the kitch mandi in bangalore on the 26th of june...i left for delhi...and then a month later i left for singapore to join a very overworked and bored husband who had a two month assignment there.  i explored singapore...some alone, some with husband and some with the wonderful friends: old and new!
the pics you saw in an earlier post remember? i do have many more...will share them with you sometime soon!
so after husband's project was over we went on a real vacation to cambodia and then thailand...cambodia first, a couple of days in phnom penh: capital and a couple in siam reap: home to the world heritage temples of angkor...and by far our most fav city in the entire trip!

i cannot begin to describe these beautiful temples and so i'll let the pictures do the talking (they don't do them much justice either)

me :)
amok served in a coconut bowl and rice....when i was there i was craving for dal makhani...and now....i miss all the lovely broths!

next up: temples of bayon
stay tuned!

anek designs now @ afday!!

yes that is right...we are now retailing online with art for everyday!!! afday is a new online shop on the block and i am super happy to be associated with them :)

founded by rashmi daga who is an IIM ahmedabad alumnus, PGP-2003, this curated store aims to promote indian designers and craftsmen who are churning out the widest range of new and unique products everyday!

rashmi has worked and led sales teams in IBM and J&J Medical. she was till recently vice president , operations with leading indian education company – tutorvista. passionate about art, she decided to be true to her marwari genes and turned an entreprenuer with!!

it is great to see more and more professionals leaving their full time jobs to do what their hearts truely desire...and of course works out well for small timers like me too :D

so what are you waiting for...go check it out now!