Tuesday, August 23, 2011

angkor wat: siam reap

so i was on a holiday...a very long holiday these last couple of months...after a successful but rather short exhibition at the kitch mandi in bangalore on the 26th of june...i left for delhi...and then a month later i left for singapore to join a very overworked and bored husband who had a two month assignment there.  i explored singapore...some alone, some with husband and some with the wonderful friends: old and new!
the pics you saw in an earlier post remember? i do have many more...will share them with you sometime soon!
so after husband's project was over we went on a real vacation to cambodia and then thailand...cambodia first, a couple of days in phnom penh: capital and a couple in siam reap: home to the world heritage temples of angkor...and by far our most fav city in the entire trip!

i cannot begin to describe these beautiful temples and so i'll let the pictures do the talking (they don't do them much justice either)

me :)
amok served in a coconut bowl and rice....when i was there i was craving for dal makhani...and now....i miss all the lovely broths!

next up: temples of bayon
stay tuned!


Neha@ All things beautiful said...

Wow....looks like you had a wonderful vacation. Lovely pictures.

Shweta said...

OMG, I was there too in July. And how I loved it ! 5 days of sheer bliss in Siam Reap. Temples by day, Pub Street by night !!

Unknown said...

It is on my to do list. I will be there one day. :) Thanks for making it more assertive now.

My Dream Canvas said...

Wow, these are gorgeous!! Especially love your pic.