Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"anek designs" yes thats me

...and yes it is finally here!!

"anek" as some of you already know means "many" or loosely "plenty" but thats not the only inspiration behind the name...
the idea of launching a label sprang up on our honeymoon with kanika and vivek playing with their names and trying to tie them up in a holy matrimony....(so corny i know :). we fooled around with a lot many permutations and combinations....vika, kavi, anek.....hey anek sounds good...ek chidiya, ANEK chidiya dana chugne baith gayi thi...many...the blog is and more and many...not bad at all!!
and so it was born .....anek designs
i have finally finished setting up a store on etsy and the banner you see above is the shop banner yayayayayay!!! i haven't finished uploading all the products in the shop just yet....but the key rings are up for sale and you can check them out by clicking here: more products will be added regularly!

thank you all for your love and encouragement....i hope to see you at the store soon :)
all feedback is welcome!

love, kanika

Monday, July 26, 2010

am i doing this to you?

i hope not....and if so my apologies :/

naming a name

umm husband and i have been thinking up names for this new line of products and we have nearly zeroed in on....

wait some more...please....we are still working on it :)
meanwhile i have been shooting my products and am here to share them with you.

fingers crossed :)


Friday, July 23, 2010

short trip to delhi and am back with some more products :)

so i went to delhi for 4-5 days and got back only today..the news is that my brother is getting married to his long time girlfriend !! yaya!! the dates haven't been finalized yet but the wedding ceremony will be mostly in the first week of december and i am super kicked about it..

kantha mobile pouches

before i start serious costing and organizing for the shop launch on etsy, i thought i'd share with you some product pictures and get your most valued feedback...

pompom key rings

yup these are soon going to be up for sale on my etsy watch this space for more

...and what do you think???

Thursday, July 15, 2010

can't resist...

...the urge of sharing with you pictures of my products...but you'll have to wait just a little longer till i set up a shop on ETSY and have all the math, economics, physics and chemistry worked out :D
so thank you for your patience and i am overwhelmed by the encouragement and love shown by all of you!

just a sneak peak....couldn't resist...just couldn't


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

just found: matta

matta is a new york based shop selling beautiful india inspired clothes, bags, shoes and accessories...

check out the online shop right here and see the wonderfully metallic kolhapuris being sold in NY!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

did i tell you...

...that i had started working again?

here's a little background for those who missed it..
i worked in various export houses/design studios based out of NCR, New Delhi for more than four years after graduating from NID (National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad) as a textile designer.
i was always interested in home decor and so worked on all sorts of home linen be it cushions, curtains, bedding, table linen etc for these four years.
then in october 2009 i took a break from my regular job to prepare for my marriage (blush) in january this year to my boyfriend of 7 yrs (blush some more).

i shifted to Pune in February 2010, since my new husband's job was here and then i sat at home, watched TV, played house, had loads of ginger tea etc and then got super bored of it all.
all along i knew i had to get in touch with the few seniors, friends who were also based out of Pune. one super nice senior had gotten in touch much before and told me that i should give her a buzz once i land in this new city.. i knew she ran her own textile design/ home decor studio in Pune....but it took me 3-4 months (of being in Pune) to call her and meet up with her (inspite of knowing that Pune offered no other hope for a textile designer like me)...that just tells you something about me now doesn't it...:)

well anyway...i did call her, we did meet and then she offered to partner with me on a residential interior project!!! i've been working on this project for close to a month now and hopefully will be able to wrap it up by july end.
it is my first such project yay!!!! now lets all hope there are more (or how will i eat?)!

about time i thanked Mansee Badve (erstwhile Handa a Punjabi kudi just like me :) , a senior from college and friend (if i may) for giving me reason to get out of my house everyday...especially for something i have always wanted to do..HOME INTERIORS!!

the product range offered by the studio includes curtains, cushions, bedding, table linen, blinds/screens etc.

i am planning and working on a new line of textile products (along with the interior projects), will update you all with some pictures soon (i also am aware that i might have said that many a times before).

in case you are an architect/interior designer/home owner who would like to work with us on a project please email me : do mention my blog in your mail just so i know that's where you found me:)

thanks for listening (or is it reading...)

Friday, July 9, 2010

thank you and applause!!

hurray and good morning... i wish you all as great a start as i just did to my day!!
thank you Kamini of the wonderful saffron and silk for making my morning brighter and hopeful!

it is great to wake up to read one's name right there..amongst the wonderful desi gn bloggers isn't reminds me that i'm doing something right and then i wonder if i really deserve to be named amongst such accomplished and creative women...??!!??

oooh there's going to be more time for is the time for THANKING and CELEBRATIONS!!

a big shout out to all the ladies mentioned over at Kamini's rock!

holler to SONALEE of bunnymandala for a super mention! she is all over her blog, is in your face graphic and has a super edgy style of writing that i love!! her pictures of amsterdam show you how keen her eye is and how creative her mind! when you visit her, you'll see the a die hard rocker chic romantic, her super workspace, beautiful neighbourhood (she makes it look good i'm telling you!), wonderful pets and it'll make you want to be her!

wonderful...just wonderful :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

varya: fine living

i'm sure most of the Dilliwallahs already know about Varya, the beautiful lifestyle store in the heart of Lutyen's Delhi...right there at Janpath..

the store offers an eclectic collection of sophisticated, contemporary designed furniture and home accessories. it houses many brands..esp my favourite JIM THOMPSON and offers the wedding list service...yes you heard many stores in India do you know that offer this service hmm...

like what you see?? check out the company website and of course its there on Janpath.
oooh Dilli how much i miss you!