Saturday, October 25, 2008

mamma mia

before this was across the universe and now there is mamma mia...what is it about musicals and gorgeous set design...more importantly..what is it about musicals and it costume or decor? there seems to be a definite relationship between them...i think its the idea of happy fantasy that music (music of the far i can think of only happy musicals:) inspires in us...and when taken to a movie based on music what better way to visualise it other than using fantastic textiles?

i have never really paid attention to movie sets as much as i have begun doing now...(meri ankhen khul gayi hain) it started in college when i saw gabbeh and got me more seriously interested when i saw across the universe some time back. two days back i saw mamma mia. i first read about the set design on one of my favourite blogs..designsponge. even though the story was ofcourse had great music of abba, greek surroundings and fantastic textiles esp. the sheets made out of joseph frank fabrics! so a little bit of research an i have dug out two blogs for you...if you wish to get the look of mamma mia the here for tips and if you want to find out some more about movies and their sets click here. enjoy!


ikyaavan, hindi for 51, is an auspicious number in india {more like a sum of money given as shagun (auspicious/customary gift of money)..we always add one rupee for good luck..i have have to research more on its origin as a custom though}.

and thats the no. of posts including this 1 that i have posted so far !! yayeee!! hurray!! cheers!!

i have been collecting a lot of things and images that i want to post about in these past few days but i just haven't found the time. with diwali knocking at the door, my cousin's approaching marriage and Heimtex Fair coming up in at home and at work is totally hectic.

inspite of this i love this time of the year...festivities in the air...random money spending (yeah thats the best part)..exchanging up the house in time for diwali coming together.. everything is so cheerful, happy and busy!!

with everything being so joyous all around is one allowed to be just a bit mean? mean twised with humour ? oh come on now..i'm sure just a little dig is allowed...:)

OK so Outlook, the magazine has begun to publish a miniature short story book idea which comes complimentary with the magazine every now and then. these little books have a couple of short stories in them that make a fun i finished reading it on my way to work in the was quick and fun . fullstop.

one such miniature take a look...

is called "the princess of kahin nahin" meaning The Princess of Nowhere, by Khushwant Singh.

i loved the colour the size (A6) and most of all the title. this is where the mean part begins. i wish to dedicate this to a woman i know who fits the title absolutely :P. all through the story i could not think of anyone else and i must add that i had little chuckles all through the story knowing that i know this very name dropping, gasbag of a Princess!



ps. this has to be one of my more random posts..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Haathi Chaap

heard of paper made of elephant poo? well now you have! click on the link above, it takes you to this wonderful company that makes paper out of haathi (elephant) dung. the company has shops in New Delhi and makes many paper products such as notebooks/journals, frames, bags, coasters etc. apparently the company puts up stalls in Dilli Haat which i seem to have missed somehow; i'm planning to visit their stores very soon though and get my very own poopaper book yaya!
the poopaper definitely makes ecological sense and here is what the company has to say: "The paper is probably one of the most ecologically safe papers to make and use… Colours, if added, comprise of mostly vegetable and natural dyes. No bleach is used. The waste water is let out in cultivated fields close by... works as a great fertilizer."

ps: no the paper does not smell...hehehe

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

new blogs and old suzanis

OK so i was looking for suzanis online, i look for them a little everyday.
i land on one of my favourite blogs an indian summer and learn about a great new blog called textile swatches . seema the woman behind the blog is a textile designer now based in Boston and is soon to launch her own line of fabrics. its a young blog but is a great place to learn about some of the traditional textile processes like block printing etc.

it is through textile swatches that i landed in heaven. seema mentioned this place called tessera on her blog and to me it is heaven. its work like this that i want to be doing. travelling the world, learning and surrounding myself with beautiful arts and crafts of its people, selling them to enrich more lives and in my small way give back to the society a little that i can.
tessera has the awesomest collection of ikats, suzanis, furniture and more beautiful things but they do not sell online(or if they do i haven't found it on their website yet, i'll go back to take a closer look). while i study their website a bit are some images to feast you eyes on. and you are welcome:)

oh and i forgot to tell you...remember the turkish bowls i had posted here sometime back?? tessera have a range of similar turkish bowls!! i dunno if i should laugh or cry cuz i see them everywhere but i still don't own them...:/


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

sari update

So thats the layout and colour scheme i have zeroed in on for my sari..what do you think? i wanted to keep it fairly simple (i'm talking by indian wedding standards). the gold work will be done by hand using metallic thread and the gold circles are hand sewn sequins. they have an antique finish so aren't very shiny. i have my fingers crossed hoping it turns out good!