Saturday, October 25, 2008

mamma mia

before this was across the universe and now there is mamma mia...what is it about musicals and gorgeous set design...more importantly..what is it about musicals and it costume or decor? there seems to be a definite relationship between them...i think its the idea of happy fantasy that music (music of the far i can think of only happy musicals:) inspires in us...and when taken to a movie based on music what better way to visualise it other than using fantastic textiles?

i have never really paid attention to movie sets as much as i have begun doing now...(meri ankhen khul gayi hain) it started in college when i saw gabbeh and got me more seriously interested when i saw across the universe some time back. two days back i saw mamma mia. i first read about the set design on one of my favourite blogs..designsponge. even though the story was ofcourse had great music of abba, greek surroundings and fantastic textiles esp. the sheets made out of joseph frank fabrics! so a little bit of research an i have dug out two blogs for you...if you wish to get the look of mamma mia the here for tips and if you want to find out some more about movies and their sets click here. enjoy!

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