Saturday, October 25, 2008


ikyaavan, hindi for 51, is an auspicious number in india {more like a sum of money given as shagun (auspicious/customary gift of money)..we always add one rupee for good luck..i have have to research more on its origin as a custom though}.

and thats the no. of posts including this 1 that i have posted so far !! yayeee!! hurray!! cheers!!

i have been collecting a lot of things and images that i want to post about in these past few days but i just haven't found the time. with diwali knocking at the door, my cousin's approaching marriage and Heimtex Fair coming up in at home and at work is totally hectic.

inspite of this i love this time of the year...festivities in the air...random money spending (yeah thats the best part)..exchanging up the house in time for diwali coming together.. everything is so cheerful, happy and busy!!

with everything being so joyous all around is one allowed to be just a bit mean? mean twised with humour ? oh come on now..i'm sure just a little dig is allowed...:)

OK so Outlook, the magazine has begun to publish a miniature short story book idea which comes complimentary with the magazine every now and then. these little books have a couple of short stories in them that make a fun i finished reading it on my way to work in the was quick and fun . fullstop.

one such miniature take a look...

is called "the princess of kahin nahin" meaning The Princess of Nowhere, by Khushwant Singh.

i loved the colour the size (A6) and most of all the title. this is where the mean part begins. i wish to dedicate this to a woman i know who fits the title absolutely :P. all through the story i could not think of anyone else and i must add that i had little chuckles all through the story knowing that i know this very name dropping, gasbag of a Princess!



ps. this has to be one of my more random posts..

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