Tuesday, November 16, 2010

off to goa!!

i am off to goa tomorrow and will be back on sunday...on monday i am off to delhi again for my brother's marriage to his long time girl friend :D

will be back only in december now...and yes i have been ignoring my blog for sometime...but i just haven't found the time...its been so hectic lately....

about goa...we are attending the wedding ceremony of a cousin at the lalit intercontinental in canacona..that is south goa...i do wish to click a lot of good pics and will share them with you as soon as i can!!

post the celebrations husband and i plan on spending two leisurely days at the palolem beach again south goa..and so far we have zeroed in on chattai beach huts....

but we are flexible and will explore our options once we are there....availability should not be a problem..or so i am told!

so auf wiedersehen...will come back with lots of pics promise!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

also need some help!

husband and i are going to goa to attend a wedding (how cool is that??) at the lalit, canacona, goa.
this is south goa and we are hoping that we can extend our trip by a day or two and make it a quick holiday!

what i can't figure out is where to stay in south goa for a couple of days? i was hoping to find a nice quaint homestay accommodation or a small boutique (budget friendly) resort in south goa...do you have any suggestions and images to share with me??

thanks :)


hey all i am back from the diwali break and needless to say had a good time! it was for the first time that i spent time with my in laws and it was a totally new experience!!

well i would have shared some images with you but it seems that i have left my transfer cord in gurgaon...will upload images as soon as i find it :)

hoping you all had a wonderful diwali!!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

also featured ...

...........check it out now!

oh its great to be back!

this last one week was crazy.....first my husband lost his black berry, then the internet at home stopped working and to top it all my phone barred me from making calls...it was as if someone had conspired to disconnect me from the rest of the world :D

anyway we resolved everything and i am finally back ...hello world!!
there is so much to catch up on that i think i'll take at least two whole days to do just that, but i won't have time to....why??  it is diwali time you guys!!!

husband and i are leaving to night for delhi to be with family for diwali yayayayya!!! i am so super excited about it, it being my first diwali as a Mrs. and all that ;p

 since i am going to be away and won't be back to blogging till the 8th...

here's wishing you all a very happy diwali! may your hearts and homes be full of light and celebrations!

i do however have some other exciting news to share with you ...
 anek designs are now available at the loose ends store!!!!
find them here

the second news is that my very humble blog is featured in the november issue of "ideal home and garden" magazine india edition!!!yayayyayayayya!!! i haven't seen the article myself yet..but as soon as i do you will get to see it here! do grab your copy today!!

see you soon and again a very happy diwali!