Sunday, January 30, 2011

have you noticed??

that (and another) is now (and another)......yayayyayayay!!!!!

so we are working on a new website for anek designs and the blog will hopefully be a part of the website soon....working working....
you don't have to worry though....if you click on your link to and another you will automatically be directed to and everything else remains the same....super excited about the website...but there is still time...a long long time!

will keep you updated....see ya and thanks for all the support!

Friday, January 28, 2011

so what next?

now that the exhibition is over....what should i plan next hmmm??
of course i have a few custom orders that i need to about a week-10 days for that. i must look at other exhibitions happening around town and see if i can fit in somewhere..reconnect, connect with friends, colleagues, to meet some in the last two days and it was i must do more of this :D
check with all the store i am supplying to and refill stock...

i really wish i had spent more time with all the fellow bloggers who turned up to meet me and bought my i am a little sad that i couldn't sit down for a cup of chai and a little chat with those of you who came...perhaps a bloggers meet now will be a good idea..what say?

also the society complex that i live in...mahindra woods, is organizing a small carnival for the residents (guests are welcome) and i have decided to participate as well. i will be there, displaying my wares again and so if you wish to drop by and say'll be great and i'd love to meet you again. the carnival is tomorrow i.e. 29th of January 2011 from 5 pm onwards....will i see you there?

this will give me a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow residents since i hardly know anyone....yes and i will soon complete a year in bad!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

here they are!! from my exhibition..and yes this is kanika reporting from the exhibition grounds :D...yeah you can tell today is a bit slow....but it is also lunch time soon and working no worries...
yesterday was rocking ....yes it was...thanks to so many of the wonderful you who came by.....and shopped all you could!!! i am here all day come in and lets have a cuppa chai...share ideas....yesterday i had no time to sit down and chat...but today if you are not doing anything...come by again..lets get to know each other more!!
 new products....and i love how they turned out!!

thats my husband vivek :D he'll kill me for posting this pic here...hahahha...he had a total blast...being so close to the market we had samosas and kachoris and natural's ice creams and a whole lot more flowing in....of course the chaiwallah sits right across the it was a full party!!
 tempted?? hmm??

again thanks you all so much for making it worthwhile for me...especially sharon (who has more pics up on her blog by the way so hop on and check them out here)....and Riddhi I love you (hahhahahhaa)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sneak peak...

so here is a glimpse into some of the products i will be exhibiting tomorrow....what you have forgotten already?? no you don't say.....hhhmmmpphhh!!

i (anek designs) am presenting a range of cushions, accessories and much much more on the 26th and 27th of January (that means it starts tomorrow) at INSTYLE GALLERY (it is a small store space...but will do and i am super kicked) I.T.I. Road, Aundh (opposite Kaya Skin Clinic) Pune!! 10am-8pm...come one come all....:)
  ok back to showing you the they are

 ..let me know what you think!!

you know you don't want to miss this one!! :D

the wedding order

 i recently finished a wedding gifts order of a 100 makeup pouches and 50 potli key rings!! oh what a high!!
 i think the pouches turned up pretty decent...what do you think? these pouches were meant to be gifted to guests with perhaps a few goodies inside them...maybe chocolates??

just so you know...anek designs is open for business and we take custom orders for corporate and private party gifts...for further info mail me at or