Friday, October 22, 2010

anek Designs: available soon @ masala chai!!!

i am super duper kicked about this!! hurray!!

now you may buy anek design products at the new store - masala chai opening soon in chennai!!!

check out masala chai for the products available!!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

masala chai is now a store in chennai!!

yes it is true!! the 1st of november 2010 marks the 3rd anniversary of masala chai, the blog and also the launch of its new store in chennai!!! i am super excited for this store launch and wish it all the very best!
masala chai has been a big inspiration for me...everytime i go there i get to see new finds from apna south asia :)

will keep you posted on this so stay tuned
check out the blog right here :

anek designs is now available at BLISS MUMBAI!!

yayayayyayaya!!! i am so super excited about this!
my products are now available at bliss in mumbai!! oh and two of the potli necklaces sold on day 1...i am smiling from ear to is a great feeling.

bliss is also organizing a diwali mela on the 23rd and 24th of october 2010 and some great products are up for sale....don't miss it!
do check out the bliss blog for regular updates...
and if you do go to bliss tell me how my products are looking na please?

180, Aramnagar 1,
Fisheries University Rd,
Nr 7 Bungalows Garden, Andheri(W),
Mumbai - 400061

anek designs are going to be available in a store near you...and you sooner than you think :D will keep you all posted


Friday, October 8, 2010

holii: new collection by Neha Gupta Khorwal

i am super excited to introduce to you a good friend and a fellow designer who has recently launched her own label holii. hurray!! 
neha graduated from nift delhi as a fashion designer and worked in the delhi NCR for sometime before she married another good friend of mine (high school sweethearts :) 

 the couple now live in UK and thats where neha has now launched her label. all her work is sourced and designed in apna India.
here's what neha has to say about her brand:
"holii was started in jun'10 after dreaming about the idea of my own business for a very long time. my love for Indian handicrafts and the vibrant colours of India were the inspiration behind the brand 'holii'. Assuming some of you may not be aware that HOLI is an Indian festival of colors, its a spring festival and marks the end of winters. The spirit of this festival has inspired me to name the brand 'holii'. 
The first collection is inspired by crafts of Rajasthan and block print is the main focus, apart from that there is use of different kinds of golden and bronze gota (kind of indian ribbon). My aim is to create contemporary designs by combining the Indian inspiration with modern colours and aesthetics.
Holii is all about happiness, love and joy and I truly wish with my products I can bring all that into your 'home sweet home'! :)"

all the best neha and thanks for sharing your work with me here!!

do check out her blog here
holii is exhibiting for the first time ever in Norwich, UK on the 15th of this month...if you happen to be there...check it out!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

seven truths about me: the versatile blogger award

the indian commentator has awarded/tagged the versatile blogger badge to me....yay!! thanks anu!!
so what i now have to do is to tell seven truths about me  (its fun when these are truths you, my wonderful readers don't know about me)and then tag seven bloggers (but thats too less a number!!)

okay so here they are seven truths about me:

1. i am not a giver...i am a taker (it is selfish i know...but true)

2. my first reaction to anything is stress and anxiety (how i'd like to change this)

3. i tend to delay anything and everything...(i don't really know if that makes me lazy)(replying to mails, comments, queries, phone calls, things my mom asks me to do and i have missed many a great opportunity because of this)

4. i am very easily excited and very quickly bored (i crave excitement and newness everyday)

5. i suck at maths/numbers/finances and do anything to avoid it in my everyday life (thank god for my husband)

6. i don't really know what my purpose in life is..sometimes it stresses me and sometimes it does not, i have never planned anything in my life and have always gone with the far it has worked for me and i like it this way!!

7. i think i am god's favourite child and get whatever i truely wish for !!!

so  do you know me a little more now?? i could go on you know....and out with the truths so my readers know me better...;) but this will do for now....!!!

and so i am tagging these versatile bloggers...
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.....oops i have exceeded 7 ;P

it'll be fun to read 7 truths about you do join in!!