Thursday, March 31, 2011


no i don't do these posts normally but just couldn't help...

baaya design

do you know about them yet? well now you do!!
well baaya is a folk art and home decor store&studio showcasing authentic indian folk art!!

the founder and managing director shibani is a graduate from NID (yay)
so here is a little about them in their own words.....

"Baaya in the local Indian language refers to the Indian weaver bird which crafts its nest in a rather unique way unlike most other birds. With this highly skilled and creative bird as our muse, we bring you products combining the best artisan skills with refreshing colors and forms that reflect an urbane, natural and yet contemporary lifestyle. Baaya Design aims to showcase the authentic beauty and workmanship of Indian Folk Art through aesthetic and distinct presentation.

Our work is rooted in our social agenda. We bring income and recognition to a highly deserving individual- the artisan of India. Read more about the origins of the art you choose to grace your home or office space with in our blog. Be a part of the India that was, is and if we play our cards right will continue to be for generations to come. This way, we contribute towards the preservation of our ancient traditions and culture. In the ever-shrinking world let us join hands to support the hands that craft the ancient arts of our country."
they provide wall art, home decor, gifting and consultation services...all you need to do is write to them or visit their shop located in the heart of Mumbai @ 24G, Laxmi Woolen Mills Compound, Mahalakshmi.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

monday blues

can make you so happy sometimes....

 my new sofa arrived yesterday.......yayayyayaay and that gave a whole new meaning to the monday blues!!!!

so what do you think?? should i fill it up with cushions?? add a paining on the wall behind?? suggestions please...and do you still think i should have opted for the fab india sofas??

Monday, March 28, 2011

holiday in assam

yes thats where i have been and now i am back...flooded with emails, queries and work for an exhibition (yayayaya) in april.....a messy house and an empty refrigerator to top it all!!! :) my plants are they do in farmville when you ignore them for a while...but both vivek and i are trying our best to revive them.....hopefully they will bloom again soon!

back with lots of wild silks from assam including ahimsa silk....and lots and lots of pictures!!!
will be back to share some of them with stay tuned guys and gals....:D

and a warm welcome to my new readers....the count stands at 202...hurray and cheers!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

and the winner is....

ambika of sunny yellow window!!!!
congratulations write in to me at with your complete postal address and I will post the keyring by the end of this month (since i am out of town for ten days i hope that is ok)

oh wait...i decided to give another one, for spreading blog love and for a wonderful introduction, i am giving the second keyring to shweta jain chopra of seoul curry!!!!
shweta do send me your complete postal address...and i will post the keyring in about 10 days :)

congratulations winners!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

my work has been featured on "of indian origin", how cool is that? yayyayayayyaya!!!
i am super kicked about this feature as i have been a huge fan of  "of indian origin" about which i am sure all of you know already!
nisha the founder of the website started this with the aim to showcase to the world, contemporary indian art and design....she has also lauched her shop that markets and sells creative work by artists and designers linked to india by body, mind or soul! 

it is a great website...check it out now...!

Friday, March 11, 2011

holi hai!!

well its just round the corner now isn't it! so why don't you....go natural!

isn't the chai set idea really cool?

do you know about our very own genda phool aka himanshu verma and his organisation red earth in saadi dilli?
well genda phool is organizing a genda gulal event till 21st of march to mark the holi festival this year and you can buy this lovely home made, hand crushed genda gulal for your celebrations from red earth....not only is it 100% natural and skin friendly...but it will also help sustain the flower markets of delhi...
in himashu's words "genda gulaal is a way to support the flower markets of Delhi, which the city threatens to destroy. proceeds will support our work with the flower markets, a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of these mandis".

for more info about red earth and the gulal click here

happy holi to all my wonderful readers

cutsie keyring giveaway!

the giveaway is still on people!!! hurry and put in your comments before the 16th of march and win one of the cutsie keyrings shown here for more info...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

you could win

just one of these....well you know...if you participate in the giveaway contest...for details...look at the right side bar!
the one in the middle....when placed with the star looks like a moon...otherwise it just looks like a banana...there i just taught you relativity :)

nidhi chanani

oh i know you already know about nidhi's is for those who don't and also...her work is such a visual treat that i want to look at it again and again...and i am sure so do you!

so nidhi is a graphic artist and illustrator, born in calcutta and raised in california...has a blog and an online shop....she describes herself as medium brown....:D thats really cool...i wonder what i will be colour wise...i am fair...but indian fair...hmmm what colour does that make me? light beige? :D

here have a look at nidhi's work!
the grand princess
ek chai

i am think thinking of buying one...just confused amongst so many good help me decide will you?

thank you and a giveaway!!!!

the number of followers of this humble blog stand at 192....yayaya!!! thank you all for your continued support but it is time to push the numbers...and i am waiting for it to be 200 soon so that i can announce a giveaway....oh who has that kind of patience......let me announce a giveaway right away :)
no no this one is the old key ring...

i have worked on some new cutsie key rings (take my word for it...they are very cute...sneak peak in a new post) and one lucky reader of this blog will win the new anek designs key ring ......

so all you have to do is spread the word about this giveaway on your blogs, the post must contain links to my etsy shop, and my blog then come back here and leave a link to your blog and your comment in the comments section just so i know. readers who post pictures of my work win extra brownie points!

i will choose one lucky winner and announce it next wednesday that is the 16th of march 2011.
so hurry up and spread the love !!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

full of soul: seoul curry!

have you been introduced to this lovely new blog in town yet?
no?? well let me do the honours of introducing shweta jain the lady behind the cutsie blog 
seoul curry....yes thats right...shweta blogs from seoul where she currently resides with her new punjabi husband (here is another maru~punju marriage :)
shweta is a product designer from NID and a very dear friend. she's been into making handcrafted products for as long as i have known her and she continues to do so even now.
hop on to her blog for your dose of the oriental...especially south korea!
oh and by the way....she is hosting a giveaway over at her kick start a new monday feature!!
now thank me for telling you.....will you?

sofa hunting

so husband and i were hunting for the perfect three seater for our living room the last few was quite a task i must find one that we both liked and also something that fit our budget! pune has so few options to choose from...(ofcourse i am comparing to delhi all the time!)
but i am happy to say that we have found the one we like and will have it ready and delivered by the end of this month!! yayaya...i am so looking forward to the new sofa!
we have bought it at ekbote furnitures and the fabric is from bharat furnishings.

will share the new sofa pics with all of you so you can let me know what you think of it!! it is a fully upholstered sofa and we have chosen a denim lookalike blue fabric for the same.

in the meanwhile here are some pictures of three seaters from google images for you to feast your eyes on!

Friday, March 4, 2011

anek designs now in delhi!!!

yup thats right! all you dilliwallas can now buy  anek products @ Creativegarh Lifestyles, 37 A Shahpur Jat, off Asiad Village, Khel Gaon Marg!

 thats shalini verma, the lady behind the store with her husband arun
here is what shalini has to say about her store...."What started as a pedestal for young and aspiring artists has become the ideal destination of discerning art and craft creators, collectors and connoisseurs of good life. Such is the impact, Creativegarh Lifestyle created in the last 9 years of its formation. Showcasing the work of over 60 creators and more than 125 artists from across the world, it established itself as the niche pedestal for many budding artists. And now life has come a full circle for this quaint little place in the alleys of Shahpurjat, New Delhi which is one of the finest and most sought-after shops for people looking for something different.

so what are you waiting for...go buy anek products now!!
yayayyayayaya hurrraaaaay!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

does anyone know..

a screen printer (textiles) in pune? oh do please let me know!!
Thanks :) <3