Monday, March 7, 2011

sofa hunting

so husband and i were hunting for the perfect three seater for our living room the last few was quite a task i must find one that we both liked and also something that fit our budget! pune has so few options to choose from...(ofcourse i am comparing to delhi all the time!)
but i am happy to say that we have found the one we like and will have it ready and delivered by the end of this month!! yayaya...i am so looking forward to the new sofa!
we have bought it at ekbote furnitures and the fabric is from bharat furnishings.

will share the new sofa pics with all of you so you can let me know what you think of it!! it is a fully upholstered sofa and we have chosen a denim lookalike blue fabric for the same.

in the meanwhile here are some pictures of three seaters from google images for you to feast your eyes on!


Sharon said...

there was an awesome fabindia sale at their sassoon road outlet - there was this colonial piece going at a 40% discount...i unfortunately went yest - the last day - but picked up some cool things nevertheless! can't wait to see ur ekbote one!


Unknown said...

I like the pink one!!!!!!
Fab India is great, my couches are from there, but the fabric quality they gave was bad, its started to fade and there is pilling, maybe cause its handloom.. but the basic structures are sturdy! and designs are "fab"!