Friday, March 11, 2011

holi hai!!

well its just round the corner now isn't it! so why don't you....go natural!

isn't the chai set idea really cool?

do you know about our very own genda phool aka himanshu verma and his organisation red earth in saadi dilli?
well genda phool is organizing a genda gulal event till 21st of march to mark the holi festival this year and you can buy this lovely home made, hand crushed genda gulal for your celebrations from red earth....not only is it 100% natural and skin friendly...but it will also help sustain the flower markets of delhi...
in himashu's words "genda gulaal is a way to support the flower markets of Delhi, which the city threatens to destroy. proceeds will support our work with the flower markets, a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of these mandis".

for more info about red earth and the gulal click here

happy holi to all my wonderful readers
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