Tuesday, October 30, 2012


its been so long since i last posted on my blog...Facebook is partly to blame for this :) but now that Facebook doesn't tempt me so much either, it is time that i get back here to share my thoughts, work and life in general.

so lots has been happening! i recently moved to mumbai since my husband decided to take on a new job...quite frankly we were both looking forward to being in bombay. pune was starting to get too comfortable and so a little boring. its been a month now in this new, crazy, super fast city and i am loving every bit of it...well apart from the roads....whats with the bumpy ride mumbai?

lets talk about the efficiency of the city.. vivek and i have moved in as tenants in a really nice complex in malad west, with infinity and inorbit malls at walking distance. we decided to move in to our new home a day early so we could sleep in a completely empty house, even before our furniture moved in, to let the vibe of the place sink in. we were woken up the next day at 6 am sharp, by our doorbell. to our surprise a newspaperwala welcomed us (how did he know we moved in at 10 pm the previous night??) with a newspaper in hand and 3 simple words..."aaj se shuru" (beginning today). we knew then that the city moved at super speed and that we would have to be on our toes all the time to keep pace with the MUMBAI!