Wednesday, October 8, 2008

new blogs and old suzanis

OK so i was looking for suzanis online, i look for them a little everyday.
i land on one of my favourite blogs an indian summer and learn about a great new blog called textile swatches . seema the woman behind the blog is a textile designer now based in Boston and is soon to launch her own line of fabrics. its a young blog but is a great place to learn about some of the traditional textile processes like block printing etc.

it is through textile swatches that i landed in heaven. seema mentioned this place called tessera on her blog and to me it is heaven. its work like this that i want to be doing. travelling the world, learning and surrounding myself with beautiful arts and crafts of its people, selling them to enrich more lives and in my small way give back to the society a little that i can.
tessera has the awesomest collection of ikats, suzanis, furniture and more beautiful things but they do not sell online(or if they do i haven't found it on their website yet, i'll go back to take a closer look). while i study their website a bit are some images to feast you eyes on. and you are welcome:)

oh and i forgot to tell you...remember the turkish bowls i had posted here sometime back?? tessera have a range of similar turkish bowls!! i dunno if i should laugh or cry cuz i see them everywhere but i still don't own them...:/


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