Wednesday, August 24, 2011

temples of bayon

close to angkor wat lies this 12th century khemr mahayana buddhist temple...every niche, every door way, every window opens to a giant serene and smiling buddha face ...some say it is the face of jayavarman vii himself!

we met rain a couple of times during our visits to these definitely made the whole experience more scenic and romantic!

i'll take you around angkor thom in my next post!


Shanthi said...

OMG !!! They are gorgeous. I regret missing this opportunity in 2008 when my DH was visiting them

Unknown said...

wonderful mad on them

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I've been there too and have shared some photos on my blog. I also loved taking close-ups of all the carvings. Isn't Angkor amazing!?

pimalai koh lanta said...

Those temples look wonderful. Visiting them will surely be a pleasant experience. I find the rock faces kinda amusing with all those smiling expressions.