Wednesday, May 13, 2009

colour blast continues

today i have decided to bombard this page with colour :) its been a good day so far...i have landed on some fantastic blogs and great links so i though i should share some with you. 
this work here is by a young british designer called 'zoe murphy'.
most of zoe's work is about reclaiming and recycling by adding that extra zing to make the furniture and textiles extra special. i like. i also dig her motto 'love what belongs to you'.

she has a wonderful blog where she talks about her work and inspiration..check it out here.

another link that i wish to share with you is the site where i found out about zoe murphy's work and its called 

paige russel is a product designer from canada and got her BFA from parsons school of design new york. she also sells her products and jewellery on her etsy store.
enjoy :)



Chandan said...

awesome work K. Thanks for sharing. Off to chek her blog.

Anonymous said...

oh lovely... very nice post!! love all the colours!! the footstool is very impressive!

Unknown said...

:) i'm glad u like it..

Jessica said...

I'm currently obsessed with footstools and love this post!