Tuesday, May 5, 2009

areahome: textiles and bedding

and i am drooling...

these super gorgeous textiles (yes i like saying super) are by areahome.
now this a new york based company that makes really nice bedding and textile accessories. the designes to me looked very scandinavian and on further inspection i found out that it was started by anki spets, a swede, in 1990!!! what is it about scandinavian design that appeals so much to me?? i must must find out about not so modern, traditional scandinavian design from the olden days. what was it like? was it always so full of texture, natural colours and simple yet earthy?

do you know more about scandinavian design? i'd love for you to share it here with me!

ps: guess what?? anki shares scandinavian design links on her webpage....now all i need is a scandinavian job!!

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