Friday, May 1, 2009

a no post+links

hi, i know i have been ignoring this space that i love so much and i am really sorry.
i have been really busy these last few weeks and promise to be more regular in the coming days.

thought i'd share a few links that i have come across in these last few days and thought were inspiring! so the prints above (and the two below) can be found at su turno.
i loved all  the prints on this website which is a creative studio based out of madrid!

the second link i'm going to share here is a blog called aprintaday. and i can't get myself to say very much about the blog and the prints but WOW!! yasmine, the woman behind this wonderful blog also writes an online magazine called parasol, where she highlights the works of upcoming artists and designers....simply super i say!


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Anonymous said...

Kanika.. All the pics have such amazing and intricate design. I'm off to check the online magazine parasol now!! thanks for the link!