Saturday, April 25, 2009

wednesday movie review: Gran Torino

i'm sorry..its not a wednesday as it ought to be for the movie review..i've just been a little caught up with the travelling over the weekend and the settling in bit...well i'm all settled for now until next week when i have to pack my bags yet again..anyway..

the movie this week is gran torino..a recent film directed, produced and starring clint eastwood..
a somewhat bitter, racist, old hag Walt Kowalski (eastwood) is a war veteran and sticking his grounds in now a predominantly Hmong/Mong (they are an ethnic group from the mountainous regions of southern China) neighbourhood..which has its share of street gangs. its mentioned during the movie that among the Mongs, the girls go to college and the guys to jail..
so Walt aka Wally has a prized possession..a 1972 Gran Torino which his neighbour Thao tries to steal after being pressurized by his cousin who is a part of the Mong street gang. Thao or toad (that's what Wally prefers to call him) fails but a series of events that follows brings Walt and his neighbours close. 
i like the plot and especially the ending, the priest - who is untiring in his attempt to get Walt onto confession and Thao's over protective sister Sue (she has a big mouth and is bold).
its endearing to watch Walt lookout for Thao and give up his prejudices and get out of his front porch and meet the Mong people..

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