Thursday, April 2, 2009

super sunday

last sunday was a super sunday for me!
i got the chance to meet students from Zurich University of the Arts and their two Professors, right here in delhi!

so let me start from the begining...
last month i received an email from Hansuli Matter telling me that he got to know about me through my Blog (i nearly fainted as it was a first for me). he told me he was the Head of the Department for the UG programme at Zurich University of the Arts and was planning a trip to India at the end of March along with his group of 12 students for a project. he asked me if i thought it might be a good idea for me to meet him and his group for a chat during his stay in delhi. i couldn't believe what i was reading and wondered if i could carry on a conversation with 13 people from a foreign land all by myself. i replied to the mail anyway and said that i'd be delighted to meet up when the group was in delhi. i was soo nervous...but then there was a gap of a month and i forgot about it. 28th i got a mail saying that they were all here and that 29th, the sunday would be great to meet up...and so i did.

we met in CP at the central park. sat and chatted for a while. everyone gave an introduction and i answered a few questions that the students had about Indian culture, about me working as a designer in India and about being a working woman.
it was so much fun! all the students spoke hesitant english :), were very warm and friendly.
Hansuli got me a a book documenting the graduating projects of the students and a box of was so sweet...thanks Hansuli!
after the brief chat we headed out for a coffee and later i took them to the crafts museum. we all loved had been a while since i had gone their myself!

the group made me feel good about myself and the stage i'm at in my life...they gave me confidence and encouragement for which i am most thankful. for me this was a first of its kind experience and i got to learn a lot about myself as well as an introduction to a country i don't think so much about in my daily living...except when i think of chocolates, watches, the Swiss knife or the secret banking system...:D
it was a great experience and one that i'm not gonna stop gloating about for a while...

ps: they weren't all intimidatingly tall as i had expected them to be....i'm only 5 feet you see


Dithi said...

must have been good fun and you are beaming in that snap! I hopped over to the link and was pleasantly surprised to see all things Indian. Enjoy your weekend! d.

Unknown said...

Hey thanks Dithi
it sure was a lot of fun!

nikheel said...

Super Kanika!!
quite an achievement!
Keep Blogging!

Anonymous said...

That sounded like a wonderful time!