Monday, May 11, 2009

done dana done

so i have already told you about this friend of mine in one of my earlier its time to talk about what he does..:)
so Neil is part of this group of people who call themselves 'the doers'.
they design T shirts, smart products and concepts.
so a few days back i had seen this concept Tshirt at their site and loved it. so i ordered a twin pack, one for my boyfriend and one for me..:) and my T shirts arrived today yayayayayay!!!!
so below is me trying it on....the material and finish of the Tee is really good and you must check out more stuff on their can order by writing to them...esp. if u are a mumbaiya...there is lots of bombay grafix for you!

there is something about the equal sign (=) that i have always is graphic balanced and simple...super form don't you think?? (i must really stop saying super shouldn't i:)??

in the front is = and the back reads we are all =qual....i think this is a super concept! thanks neil!

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rockbrarbe said...

good t-shirt

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