Friday, December 2, 2011

what i love about pune...

....are the institutional, very old family run establishments selling snacks, cookies, mithai, wafers, shakes and juices!!! here are my favourites:

chitale bandhu mithai wale - i cannot stop eating their is out of this have to eat it to believe it! the kaju katli and the besan ka laddoos are very very good too!

budhani brothers waferwale - addicted to their dry fruit potato chivda..i carry it for family every time i make a trip to delhi...the cheese wafers are awesome...walk towards the bombay store on m.g. road and the intoxicating aroma of the potato wafers is sure to lead you to their shop!

kayani bakery- again....every visit to family in delhi means a trip to this heritage bakery :) wait outside in line for the shop to open....push and shove your way through the hordes of people asking for pao kilo mawa cake, adha kilo shrewsbury biscuits....being short helps (well being a woman helps too...give fake long stares to men standing behind you...and they will stop pushing and make way for you hahahahaha)

marzorin- known for its sandwiches, burgers and rolls all made fresh everyday, they bake their own breads too!! i particularly like their selection of macaroons and biscuits!! yeah, i am a middle class dilli di punjabi kudi who did not grow up with such fancy bakes....ooooh reason why sometimes i am secretly jealous of mumbai, pune, kolkata etc...oh and the cultural diversity here in pune: sindhis, iranis, parsis, bohris (yes i know they speak gujarati), gujaratis...all speaking their different languages!!!!

pasteur dairy- for its shakes and sundaes...

oh and i love juice world at east street, camp for their strawberry and cream (i'd like mine minus the ice cream please) and their fantastic fruit pulps and seasonal fruit juices!!!

oh and i am also jealous of the fresh anjeer/figs (and its damn cheap), fresh strawberries, jack fruit, alphonso and ratnagiri mangoes, beautiful oranges that you get in season. in delhi, when i grew to be very rich and or live in central delhi/ south delhi to enjoy such treats!!! of course i did have a very resourceful mami ji who'd get us shehtoot (mulberry) on her way back from work sometimes..she still lives in central delhi!

:D but don't fret dilli wallahs...we ave our very own mrs kaur with her crepes and cookies and look how fancy our website is too.....hahahhahaha

sometimes i wish i grew up in a smaller city like amdavad or pune....other times i just love delhi!!

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