Friday, June 24, 2016

Anek Designs is 6!

Yes you heard it right, I started this brand 6 years ago and it has traveled with me to 4 different cities. Time flies and it always seems amazing on looking back. I have met many wonderful people in these years and I am thankful for having them in my life!

My fellow creatives who I met through my online shops or my blog have made me feel so welcome in these cities and on this journey, without them I would have been lost. All this love that has been showered on me through Anek Designs is the single most powerful factor that has prevented me from shutting shop every time I had my downs. I know so many of you through my blog, even though I have been irregular in reaching out and posting! I am so thankful that you come back to read what I have to say and forgive me when I am absent.

As a small Thank You I would like to extend a 33% Discount to you, your family and your friends.

Use Discount Code VR6! during checkout to avail the discount on all our products on

Thank You!

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