Monday, April 11, 2011

today i am taking you...

inside the home of a wonderful jewellry designer and colleage from NID, dipika vijay's beautiful home in mumbai...(well this is her old abode  and she has promised to share the images of her new home with me soon)
 i love the wall art and how it carries the accent wall colour into the rest of the room!
 a mirror table....makes it bigger and brighter
 steal this idea to make it interesting everywhere...even the loo!!
love love the colours in this pic!!
all images courtesy dipika :) thanks!!
dipika is a very talented jewellery and accessory designer and has her own brand called coyote...

check out her work now..and you know you will fall in love, she blogs about her work and up coming exhibition on her wonderful blog 

will be back with more pics of her new home ....stay tuned
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