Tuesday, April 5, 2011

shillong: meghalaya: part one

thats how i always learnt state capitals...by saying them out loud in one breath shillong:meghalaya, didn't you?
so this is where we stayed on our one day trip to shillong, a three bedroom army bungalow all to ourseleves..
the decor was mix style and a wee bit over the top...but some of the individual pieces were stunning! love these hanging glass lamp shades (would you call this a pendant light...dunno)

 each room had a fire place which was covered with beautiful embroidered fabric stands when not in use

 all black dining table and a lot of black was used all over the bungalow....sorta dark and mysterious

loved loved this lounger...was sooo comfortable..

 plants from the beautiful garden

 the water heating device in our bathroom!!! :D
stay tuned..more pics in the next post!

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