Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Great Green Goods

check out these fantastic objects all made from misprints! Viva Terra works with an artist who collects these misprints from can factories and then transforms this waste into charming household goods! click on the link above to take you to this goodness!the economist did an article on some of the green goodness available online (recommended by a friend). thats how i landed on this wonderful blog/website called greatgreengoods.
all images in this post are from the same.
below is a set of 4 mixing bowls made from recycled melamine exclusive and patented and available on amazon for $29.isn't this a great idea? this image had me in splits for the longest time! its a fantastic way of recycling worn off shoes and extremely funny! if i were to make these out of my boyfriend's shoes though i think the poor birds will die of all the odour..tsk tsk.
now if i make them out of sexy high heals in bright shades...that would make a statement house for the sparrows!:)

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