Saturday, September 6, 2008

Across The Universe

ok. so my boyfriend has given me a lot of movies to watch. he loves to do this. make me read and watch what he thinks is a must read and a must watch. its great as i do get to see and read some beautiful stuff but i'm not as motivated or initiated as much as he is. i want to be but i don't want to make any efforts for it. you know what i mean...i would rather that it came naturally to me..but it doesn't. i do watch recommended movies and read recommended books...but thats that..i don't google the authors or directors and then try and watch all their movies , read all their books etc. i'd much rather be a "now that's a wonderful movie" person than a "oh now thats a wonderful director" person. is that so bad? i'm sure there are many more like me out there..HI!
so the wonderful images above are from a movie called ACROSS THE UNIVERSE which i still have to see the last part of (i dozed off...its a wonderful film really but i was watching it really late in the night).
now what i loved about the movie....
its all about Beetles Songs. their music is my fav. and the movie is a musical
this movie has some wonderful art(like the strawberry field above)
the movie also has wonderful set design and i want to know more about the textiles used in the NYC apartment where these kids come to stay. there are beautiful susani bedspreads,traditional Indian textiles adorning the door entrances...etc. do you know more about it? please do let me know if you do..i couldn't find any stills of the bedroom to show u what i mean.
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