Saturday, September 27, 2008

the life and times of a sari

so i have a lot of "must attend family weddings" coming up in nov-december. till now i have just picked up off the shelves clothes for most any event/function..this time though i decided it was time to stand up on my own two feet and make something on my own. of course by making something on my own i mean i'll have karigars and other craftsmen doing what i ask them to do.
pictures above of the fabric i picked up in chandani chownk a few days back and i'm think of patching up a sari with these.. the white fabric is RFD (ready for dyeing). it is a mysore georgette in self gold weaving pattern which is my current fav. fabric and the deep red you see is a wonderfully rich silk and gold brocade from banaras(varanasi/benaras). i still haven't figured what to do with them...but i'll keep you posted on the progress!
ps: i need to post about a lot of processes that i started on this blog but haven't..apologies for that and yes i remember!

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