Saturday, September 6, 2008


i recently read a book called Eucalyptus by Murray Bail. i've never read australian writing before so this was a first! it was a wonderful book even though i kept cursing the author over the many short stories that keep appearing, every second line, within the story format and kept thinking that it should get on with the main story(thats what makes it wonderful i guess)(and i'm using kept far to often:). the end was the most beautiful end i have read in a while! i think the book has great movie potential and would appeal to the young teen girls (however and i do think i need to specify i am 25).
anyway what happened as i was reading the book is that i came across a concept store called Eucalyptus in Hyderabad. i was so happy to find out that two of my seniors from design school are the designers behind the textile range in the store. Shaila Nambiar and Shruti Phagre-Mahajan.
thats them in the picture above!

its a wonderful looking store (as i can see from the website) and they have some great home linen.

Do check out the website for more pictures. its always so encouraging to see people i have known doing what they do best :) congrats S&S!

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Lucky said...

awesome - i love desi design.