Monday, May 18, 2009

cuban tiles

image from wee gallery: the inspiration behind this post:)
so i was going through wee gallery's latest post and found that her daughter was sitting atop these beautiful cement tiles and couldn't resist but ask Surya about them. she told me that these were cuban tiles that are typically found in old homes in south florida.
she was also very kind in sharing a link that talks about history of cuban tiles with me. thank you surya (what a beautiful name btw).

and so i dug a little deep as by now i was curious and found a few links and images for you :)
the three images above are from, which i found is a very informative blog.
some more images for you to feast your eyes on...via

i have talked about the athangudi tiles from tamil nadu on my blog before and showed you a brilliant little video describing the tile making process. you can revisit the post here.
i even like the idea of plain cement tiles...i think they make an awesome floor and will give me an opportunity to work on top of them to make them special..:)
a little about wee gallery:
its a shop a blog and a by the wife and husban duo of surya and dave along with their two children who do creative products for children. i love the story of how the idea came into being. there are art cards, wall decals, art greetings, flash cards..go check it out now!


Anonymous said...

Nice... nice.. the print & patters are very pretty!! I like the yellow.. looks like a carpet with borders..

I'm a boring person.. and have normal white tiles at home.. :-(

Anonymous said...

Loved the tiles! I love cement floors too, especially if they are painted in brilliant colors.

Wee Gallery said...

Great post, Kanika! Thanks for including us!

Anonymous said...

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