Tuesday, April 26, 2011

so at the exhibit

i met the lovely vineeta (of the awe inspiring blog artnlight) with her infectious laughter....it was long due and i was dyeing to meet her!

i had all plans to share the stall space with her...it didn't work out (long story)...but i was super glad that she did decide on participating in the exhibit anyway!! i love love her work....
so at the end of the two days, vineeta called me to her booth and  let me have a pick of the cool new alphabets that she is doing!!!

i had been eying these alphabets for a long time and have wanted husband and my initials ever since the launch...so i chose a V as her gift to me and ordered a K to go with the V :)
the V is absolutely gorgeous..a lovely creme colour with a poem by vikram seth on it eeeee:)
so now i am going to wait for the K to arrive...and i suggest you do that too...since i will upload the pics once the couple is complete! hmmmm so where should i place them, living room or work station?? any suggestions? oh i guess you will tell me only after the pictures won't you?

many thanks vineeta for the wonderful gift and i can't wait!!!!


Shruti Sethi said...

hey kanika! twas fun meeting u and vivek at the Black Taxi! luvd the vibrancy of ur work. great show u guys put up. And btw..it was so very shweet of u to personally take me to vineeta's stall :) i picked two pretty trays from her !

keep in touch

Sharon said...

very bautiful stuff! love the short story on the O....you are super talented, Vineeta! and thanks K for telling us abt the alphabets!

Vineeta said...

Kanika! I didn't even know you blogged about me :) :) Thank you for this warm, warm write up. It was truly amazing to meet you too. I am sooo impressed with your new products. They are absolutely darling!! Hugs!