Tuesday, November 1, 2011

i haven't got a clue

its been quite stressful lately...there is lots of work...many more work opportunities but not enough hands to do it! i've been struggling to cope with it all and i haven't got a clue.

i have two part time tailors who work for me currently and two women who do the hand work for me, also part time. i think its time now for me to take the plunge and hire people full time, set up a small workshop and get serious. not that i haven't been serious about my work all this while...but i have not really taken a big risk money wise. what adds to the confusion is the fact that pune feels temporary...it will be close to 2 years in this city and gosh i still say it all the time!

mostly it is because my husband doesn't think he is here for the long haul. with the nature of the corporate jobs today...is anything permanent? does anyone arrive in a new city and say this is going to be my home from now on....does anyone feel the need to settle down anymore? what does settling in a city really mean today.....2-5 years?

i always wanted a nomadic lifestyle....living in a new city every 2-3 years and the  moving on. i was naive. i thought it will be fun all the way but it isn't fun now....and we have only just started! it is not so much the moving bit, but the thought looming over your every action that kills it.
so when i start thinking about work, home, furniture, anything....this is what goes on in my head:

"should i set up a workshop? but what if we move...will i do this all my life? set up shop and then move in a couple of years because my husband will/might get a better opportunity? what is a better opportunity?? oh foreign shores...that will be fun...but what about my work? what will i do in a new city/country? hey thats a beautiful side board...it'll be a wonderful addition to our kitchen....oh but what if we move into a smaller house in bombay? will it fit in then?"

so tell me then, what do you think? is it wise for me to set up a workshop now, here knowing that i might have to wrap it up in 6 months to a year? should i buy that side board for the kitchen, the two chairs for our living room and a better bed to sleep on?


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