Tuesday, October 18, 2011

!!events and updates!!

its been long since i updated you on the progress at anek designs...so here we go:

we are now retailing in bangal!!!!! yeah hurray!!! find anek designs at india kitsch in calcutta!!! we recently were a part of their kitsch vs quiche exhibit...you saw us there didn't you? :)
we were also featured in the bengal post last saturday.....yayayyayayayayyayayya!!!

then there is a phataka exhibition at loose ends, mumbai this weekend and yes...we are a part of it!!!! so go and indulge in some crazy diwali shopping on the 22nd and 23rd of october....ooooh i love the festivities!!!

of course shopo has diwali fever and the temperature is soaring high!!! go look how they celebrate the fever in style!!!

will soon be back with some more exciting news....so stay tuned!!

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