Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the five days without internet were

soooooo boring!!! yes the broadband connection here was down for a whole 5 days and i cannot begin to explain how painful they were for me!
anyway for now i have switched back to my tata photon till the broadband is up and running again.. :) so here i am!!
these are pictures of our second room which husband and i use as our study/studio. just felt like sharing them with you....bad pictures and even worse a boring room!!! i desparately need to decorate it so need all you help and feedback please! i do like the postcards (from our travels abroad) on the wall...what do you think?

to begin with...i need need a soft board above the table (only problem being that i can't reach the wall while sitting at the table...my arms are too short an the table too wide). also needed is a nice lamp shade for the empty socket that you see..
since ours is not a study table....it is a dining table that we bought as we needed a big table for two....all the wires show from under the table and look so bad...what should i do to hide them....?? i couldn't get myself to upload a pic of the wire mess under the table.....don't want to scare you guys... ummmhmmmm.
my red basket which is overflowing with fabric at the moment...apart from this we have two huge steel cupboards (came as a part of the house..i hated them then....but now cannot do without) for storage...all my suitcases bags etc is one and my fabric and craft supplies in the other (have shared it here)

so now my lovelies...pls suggest.....what should i do to make this room more practical and yet stylish? remember that this is a rented house!


Sonia said...

A few drapes or curtains may do the magic! :)

Poorvi said...

Hey artsy textile babe, go on and boldly add your spice! Kick in some color, some dimension, some pattern. You could have some lanterns/lighting/mobile kinda thing hanging at the corner. Make this your inspiration room..slowly. Fill it in with the things you collect and inspire you. Things you create. It is a luxury to have a whole room for a studio..believe me! :)
You could neatly stack in your fabrics and craft stuff into the steel cupboard and it'll become your most special piece of furniture soon.
I was thinking of moving the table to the center as it is so big and you and Vivek could share it either side, but then that would not solve the wire problem. So, wifi then? :) Ok..um..I have seen people cover up lumpy wires by wrapping the excess together and probably pass it through a cylindrical tube/box maybe?
Maybe add in a bookshelf and a cozy sitting/reading corner? Or just some bright beautiful floor cushions scattered.
Oh..I'm so excited for you..especially about the fact that you do have a WHOLE room...Kanika..come-on..add in your spice!
two cupboards you say? Move at least one out I say... :)

Unknown said...

Hey thanks Poorvi for all the suggestions...I think putting the wires through a tube will help!!! Love the cozy corner suggestion...yup and some drapery will help Sonia!!!

Thanks Gals!!

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

Kanika, your room is a blank canvas with so much potential. For starters, you and just frame your wonderful collection of postcards and go from there...A cluster wall looks great anywhere.

Veda said...

hi kanika,

that must be horrible without net connection!

nice to know that u r back in to the net world....

my two cents to ur current situation:

1. Your textiles can add a lot of colour to ur room...for starters since u r in a rented place u cant use paint. so instead make a big patchwork of ur leftover colourful fabric and frame them in one big piece. I m sure u can drill 2 screws atleast to hang ur piece. you can either use this as a artframe or a memo board.
psst:-) leave it as a artframe.


Unknown said...

For the cables you could try these interesting cable drawings I'd come across long ago, and have been dying to try. Sadly, most cables in my home are either concealed, or dont have the wall space for this kind of art. http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/style-files/~3/XEbMcTIDnk0/
Seeing that you do, you could give this a shot.
If you remember the postcard wall from my blog, it's a fun way of giving a little life to your postcards.
Also, If you don't want to do a generic softboard over the desk, why not get just that area painted with ideapaint?? At 14k for 50 sq feet, it should be affordable for that little area.
You've got so much breathing space in this room (something that's soo important for designers and crafters, yet so hard to come by) so I'd hang on to that.. maybe do a floating shelf pretty close to the ceeiling that runs all around the room for kitsch displays, or some collection if you have one.
a pop coloured rug could liven up the room..
also, steel cupboard? get your local handyman to paint it with regular wall paint. Some nice bright pop colour. I've done that in my orange themed kitchen, and you wouldnt even recognise the godrej almirah!
Gosh.. I can't wait to see what you do with it..