Thursday, August 5, 2010

come with me...

let me walk you through my craft cupboard today....
key rings and envelopes...ready for sale!
thats an old black and white picture of my parents, my brother(he is getting married in dec!!) and me(center)
my new chennapatna turtle!! it shakes!!
my craft supplies and lovely fabrics i work with

i have always thought that i am god's favourite child! things have just always fallen in place for this story of the craft cupboard...
before i was married, Vivek my husband had recently moved to Pune for his job and was looking for an apartment where the two of us would begin our lives as a couple!
he had strict instructions from me to take an absolutely empty apartment! he got one...we moved in...and then a month later our landlady decided to move back! so we began hunting for a new apartment...we found one..the only problem was that the house came with 2 large godrej almirahs...(if you've seen them you know they don't make beautiful pics)...having no other option we took the house....and moved in.

so the cupboards were moved to the spare bedroom and there they stood empty. one day...before Vivek could put useless stuff in that almirah (we put all our luggage in the other...what a blessing) i claimed it and started keeping my craft supplies there (i carried some from home..part of my bridal trousseau hehhehe).
the supplies grew over time and i started making i feel blessed that i had this extra plays a very important role in the making of my brand and so you see things have just fallen in place for me??!!
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