Thursday, August 19, 2010

a pune bloggers' meet

pune blogger meet is being proposed....and i am super excited about the idea!
i know Sulagna, Sonalee and Sharon in Pune and would love to know if there are any more of us in this wonderful city?

collect info on all the bloggers in and around Pune that we'd like to meet...and if there is only the three of us...we'll still meet... ladies what say??

decide the date and time
decide on a venue/cuisine (it is always about the food isn't it :)

here are my suggestions for the venue:
Mainland China (lunch buffet eat all you want)
Cafe Mocha
Trikaya (fine dining, award winning interiors, maybe on the more expensive side)
Bohemia (was featured in a recent issue of a home decor mag..rave reveiws on its decor...)
lets plan the party !!


sulagna said...

awesome one..i already got my smile pasted on my face :) never heard of bohemia so ye we can try that..and the rest are all fab..lets check what could be centrally located..we both are anyways on the outskirts so trikaay or Mainland would be a closer bet..m game..oh i need to go and drop in a hi to shonalee :)

GB said...

I'm sooo jealous! blogger meets sound like so much fun, but from what I can tell, there are no "indie" bloggers in my area! (not that I'd limit it to just the indians, but there are no bloggers I would really love to meet in my area either. boohooo!)
Have fun ladies!! :)

iti said...

Hi Kanika,

I'd like to be a part of this meet too if it is open to other bloggers.

Came to your blog from Rang Decor. Your designs and products are very pretty.


Unknown said...

Hello there! I surface once again, from Crave Create (i hope you remember me). So, I live in Mumbai, but I'm in Pune every other weekend to visit family, so I'd love to be a part of this if it happens on a day I'm there. Pls keep me posted!
PS: How been??

Unknown said...

Hello there Rave

of course i remember you...when are you in Pune next? would love to have you as a part of the blogger meet!
mail me at

Unknown said...

Wow,I didn't know there were so many bloggers in Pune.This is awesome.I would love to be a part of this.

sulagna said...

kanika...putting up the post on pune bloggers meet..putting this post ka link for your blog oki :)

Unknown said...

okie dokie!

Shivani Negi said...

Hi kanika, now you are going to forever remember i just found a blog which shows the whole list of indian bloggers and saw some of pune is
ITs ok are welcome..anyways