Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the five days without internet were

soooooo boring!!! yes the broadband connection here was down for a whole 5 days and i cannot begin to explain how painful they were for me!
anyway for now i have switched back to my tata photon till the broadband is up and running again.. :) so here i am!!
these are pictures of our second room which husband and i use as our study/studio. just felt like sharing them with you....bad pictures and even worse a boring room!!! i desparately need to decorate it so need all you help and feedback please! i do like the postcards (from our travels abroad) on the wall...what do you think?

to begin with...i need need a soft board above the table (only problem being that i can't reach the wall while sitting at the table...my arms are too short an the table too wide). also needed is a nice lamp shade for the empty socket that you see..
since ours is not a study table....it is a dining table that we bought as we needed a big table for two....all the wires show from under the table and look so bad...what should i do to hide them....?? i couldn't get myself to upload a pic of the wire mess under the table.....don't want to scare you guys... ummmhmmmm.
my red basket which is overflowing with fabric at the moment...apart from this we have two huge steel cupboards (came as a part of the house..i hated them then....but now cannot do without) for storage...all my suitcases bags etc is one and my fabric and craft supplies in the other (have shared it here)

so now my lovelies...pls suggest.....what should i do to make this room more practical and yet stylish? remember that this is a rented house!
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