Wednesday, March 9, 2011

nidhi chanani

oh i know you already know about nidhi's is for those who don't and also...her work is such a visual treat that i want to look at it again and again...and i am sure so do you!

so nidhi is a graphic artist and illustrator, born in calcutta and raised in california...has a blog and an online shop....she describes herself as medium brown....:D thats really cool...i wonder what i will be colour wise...i am fair...but indian fair...hmmm what colour does that make me? light beige? :D

here have a look at nidhi's work!
the grand princess
ek chai

i am think thinking of buying one...just confused amongst so many good help me decide will you?

1 comment:

Poorvi said...

Very sweet work. They're all telling a little story, simple moments. Tough choice! I like the ek aur chai, the princess, oh..ho..and the verandah also.