Thursday, January 13, 2011

trumpet by meister

i know i haven't been giving my blog the time it deserves and so i haven't been able to connect with all of you on a regular basis here...i really can't put a finger on what has kept me away from the blog and thats just how it is!

but now i am back with many goodies to share...some of which happened to land in my inbox pushing me back into blogging!! the universe knows i am lazy and doesn't want me to be!!!

so anyway...krishnan varma of  of trumpet by meister e mailed me about their work for this wonderful studio and boy am i glad that he did....
here is a peak into the studio of  trumpet by meister - a swiss fashion workshop in cochin, kerala. it is a fit out of the veranda of an old dutch-style bungalow. 
the design combines contemporary sleek finishes for worktops and shelves with fittings and furnishings sourced from local markets. 

colanders, trunks and porcelain pickle jars become lampshades, fabric storage and stationery holders. the mix is intended to reflect the nature of the brand and further shape its emerging identity. 
 and thats vanessa the meister behin trumpet...
 thats krishnan the architect..krishnan and vanessa are married :) what a combo!!
 so what does trumpet do? trumpet sources the most exclusive styles, trims and prints from all over the world and bring you a fresh collection each season..the design philosophy is free spirited yet sophisticated..
here is the link to some uploaded pictures on the check it out! also don't miss their really cool website :)

thanks krishnan for sharing your first project with me and my wonderful readers here on and another...wishing you all the best!!


Unknown said...

Great to see you got your stride back! I missed!!!:)

Sudha said...

nice to see u back ...beautiful pics..will go thru the post once again to comment in detail :)

Sharon said...

what a lovely post...thanks for telling us about it, and so good to see you back!

Veneer Suppliers said...

lovely monochromes ....:)))

Aditi Prakash said...

Thanks for sharing the link Kanika, TOTALLY inspiring!

Deepa Gangwani said...

Loved your post. Inspired by Trumpet by Meister's style and originality.

Does anyone know where I can find such lovely high gloss countertops in Pune on a budget?