Tuesday, June 1, 2010

it is time to meditate and introspect

how are all of you? 
thank you and welcome to all my new followers...you all make me so happy! i am planning a give away after i reach a 100 followers on my blog so look out for that.

i am taking a 10 day break to participate in the Vipassana Meditation Programme at Igatpuri.
this is a residential programme, i will be back on the 13th and will share some pictures and photographs with you.
i will be required to stay quiet for all the 10 days and will not be allowed to have any form of communication (no mobile, no laptop, no books, no music, no note pad, no pen) unless it is with myself :)
if you are interested to know more just click here

here is a video you may want to watch to know more 

see you on the 14th!


mjey said...

All the best....

Will wait to hear from you after the 14th then.

iAmCha said...

Hey Kanika,

Would this be my first comment on your blog?

All the best for the programme and thanks for sharing the link! The timing couldn't be better and I shall also follow suit and apply here.

This comment has nothing to do with the 100th give away. :)

All the best.

Black Zebra said...

Wow..as a Buddhist ,I have always wanted to do that. I hope you have the most fulfilling experience.

Anonymous said...

Oh lovely... wish I could join you as well...

Kanupriya said...

Hi there! Landed on your blog through BlogAdda. Indeed a very beautiful blog, loved your creative ideas. Have a nice stay at Vippasana program. Would love to see your new posts now.
BTW I'm (actually have) also setting up a small garden in my balcony, now getting inspired to make it more beautiful by adding some elements to it :)

Unknown said...

some good news welcomes u once u get back!ur blog has found a mention in the April issue of Transcribe


Anks said...

Looks like i am your 100th follower.... landed here from your wedding blog... u made a lovely bride... hope u are enjoying your marriage...

The Ketchup Girl said...

all the very best. Its something I've been wanting to do. You'll come back as a fresh green leaf. looking forward to hearing all about it.

Pradeep Soni said...

hey kanika!!! i was at igatpuri in second year for vipasanna, it was a grt experience. And i will be going for my next one on the 16th of this month. Will follow your blog from now on!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you all :)
Vipassana was a very unique experince and i am so glad I got to do it for 10 days...I hope I find the strength to continue..